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Set up

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Faction Breakdown: Sand Goblins Part One

I first started playing Summoner Wars around Christmas with the Master Set, and within my group of friends there was a quick favorite among the six factions. Sand Goblins. I will admit they are my own favorite faction, and most people agree they are one of the stronger, if not strongest factions in the game.

Lets take a closer look at this faction's Summoner, Krusk, and his events in part one of our breakdown.

Krusk sports a solid stat-line of two ranged attack, with six life. I would consider this the standard summoner stat-line as summoners with below six life are considered fragile, while summoners with 7 or more life are generally more combat oriented. The big draw here is the special ability Sandstorm. Movement manipulation is something that the newer players in my group have overlooked while getting into the game, but after playing a few matches and seeing how clogged the board can get, newer players quickly see how useful and powerful movement manipulation is. On top of being able to push and pull other units around,(notice I said units, not enemy units, keep that in mind and you might find a way to pull off a mind blowing move that your opponent didn't see coming) Sandstorm also has a 50% chance to deal a wound to each unit that you moved. Now remember you don't have to actually MOVE the unit, as the ability says "up to one space" it is perfectly legal to move a unit zero spaces, and then roll to wound. With Krusk you could roll to wound 3 separate units, then attack for 2 dice at range, while still having two more attacks left over. That is a lot of fire power for a ranged summoner and Sandstorm attacks do not require line of sight as they just have to be within 3 spaces of Krusk after he moves.

Events: Duck and Cover
Duck and Cover is a solid event card in a deck where events are not entirely needed to win like they are with other summoners. I think that a Sand Goblins player could build all their event cards as magic and still be able to win the game, in fact I use this strategy sometimes if I am playing with higher cost champions or if I just can't find a good value for my event cards when I draw them and I don't want to bog down my hand. Duck and Cover is pretty simple, the main thing to remember is it works on ALL Sand Goblin units, summoners and champions included. This is obviously a much more powerful card against ranged heavy factions (Benders, Cloaks, anyone with archers, etc.) But if you are playing someone like Sunderved, or Samuel, you might want to build them.

I really liked this event card when I first looked at it. But, after all my hours playing I can't really say I've used it once where I felt I really got the full value of it. Being able to heal all of your walls for three is obviously powerful, especially against a faction that favors wall destruction (guild dwarfs, cave goblins, mercenaries, etc) and being able to move your walls after your opponent has set up his formation can really change the game. I keep finding myself thinking that this card is overrated. Then I think about being able to move a wall, summon a champion in the event phase, and run up to a suddenly unprotected summoner and smack him for 3 dice. Kind of changes your mind, yeah?
I hate Scavengers, ergo I hate the event card Shiny. If I ever saw someone use Scavengers, this card might actually have pretty good value, as they would only need one kill to qualify for the ability bonus, and then they would be rolling three dice to attack. Until someone proves me wrong, I will be building this card as magic. (A future champion card with the ability Scavenge has been suggested on the plaid hat forums, wouldn't that be something? Fingers crossed.)
This is the Sand Goblin event that I get the most use out of. It is a great card for pulling commons out of position where you can gang up on them to wipe them out, or you can pull blocker out of the way to open up shooting lanes. Lots of potential with this card. 

Well that is it for Part One of the Sand Goblin Faction Breakdown, check back soon for part two.

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